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As a boutique marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses reach new markets overseas, we speak your customers’ language.

Whether you’re looking to improve your brand visibility, expand your digital footprint, or boost sales, we have the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Our mission is to create fantastic engaging content for your brand and then to ensure it is discovered by the right audience.

Effortlessly navigate global markets and boost your bottom line with us as your marketing partner.

More than just translation.

We understand your customers’ values and preferences. 

Our process

First, we listen. We understand your business, your challenges and deepen our knowledge before taking focused action.
This follows 5 key stages.


Understand the issue rather than make assumptions. We get to know you, your goals, and the challenges you are facing.


  The insight gathered from the discovery phase is used to narrow down the scope of the project and define actionable goals.


  Propose a multichannel approach to hit the campaign and audience targets across desired international markets.


  With our in-house team, and production partners, we create the content and ensure it reaches the right audience.


  The work does not stop once live. We monitor the response, optimize the plan and collate reports on the campaign results.

We can build and manage your marketing funnel

A clear marketing funnel is crucial to converting leads into customers.

A marketing funnel represents the journey that a business goes through from being a potential lead to becoming a customer. The top of the funnel (TOFU) is where potential customers first become aware of a product or service through marketing efforts. As the funnel narrows to the middle (MOFU) and bottom (BOFU), marketing is crucial to building trust and credibility to increase the chance of converting leads into customers.

At Global Kigyo, we help Japanese companies set targets and build a tailored marketing funnel.

Target your prospects

Whether your target prospects are pharmaceutical CEOs in India, manufacturing industry managers in Thailand, or 20-year-old trendsetters in California, we can reach them.

We tailor the platforms, content, and messaging to your needs. We will develop your idealized customer persona and strategize the best approach for maximum return on investment.

A healthy marketing mix of organic content and paid advertising is crucial to growing your brand.

From generating qualified leads by building your global LinkedIn presence, running brand awareness campaigns across Facebook, or targeted Google advertising, we can help you achieve your goals. Learn more about how digital marketing is crucial for overseas success from our articles below.

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