Why digital marketing is crucial to market your product overseas in new territories.

Traditional marketing methods and local sales forces can be expensive and challenging to manage, especially for businesses striving to establish themselves in new territories.

Digital marketing, however, allows for more targeted, flexible, and measurable strategies, offering significant benefits when introducing a product overseas. The ability to micro-target enhances the efficiency of marketing campaigns, often leading to higher return on investment (ROI). Plus, digital marketing campaigns can be monitored and adjusted in real-time, allowing businesses to continually optimize their efforts based on what is working best. Here are some examples of how businesses have used digital to go global.

Sysmex: A Market Tailored Approach.

Sysmex uses LinkedIn to position itself as a thought leader.
As a Japanese company specializing in healthcare-related inspection systems, Sysmex illustrates how a firm can leverage digital marketing to grow its B2B presence globally. Their website, optimized for international visitors, offers specific insights into various industry applications of their technology, allowing potential business clients to understand how Sysmex solutions could fit within their existing production lines. Each territory has a tailored site that showcases products available in that specific market.
Through a highly active LinkedIn presence, they’ve kept their global partners informed about new innovations, updates, and relevant industry news. This not only fosters ongoing engagement but positions Sysmex as a valuable partner in the success of its clients.

Caterpillar: Embracing Digital for Global Brand Recognition.

Caterpillar build trust with digital.
Caterpillar, the U.S.-based construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, has effectively used digital marketing strategies for entering and establishing itself in new markets. The company has employed a mixture of content marketing, SEO optimization, and social media marketing to increase brand awareness and engagement globally.
By producing high-quality, educational content about their machinery and equipment across digital channels, Caterpillar has been able to build trust, showcase their product’s durability, and reach potential customers across different continents.

Slack: Harnessing Digital Marketing for B2B Expansion.

Slack has become a global leader in communication.
Slack, the workplace communication platform, illustrates the impact of B2B digital marketing when venturing into new markets. Their expansion strategy has relied heavily on content marketing and targeted digital ads to engage potential customers.
By offering free webinars, tutorials, and case studies, they demonstrate the value of their platform to businesses, making a compelling case for adoption. This digital-first approach has been instrumental in Slack’s successful foray into international markets.

Nissin: Seizing Global Opportunities with Digital Marketing.

Nissin uses target social media to reach the right audience.

Japanese instant noodle company Nissin Foods offers a prime example of a brand leveraging digital marketing to expand overseas. When launching their products in the American market, Nissin capitalized on the power of social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to target younger, health-conscious consumers with vibrant, creative content showcasing their noodles’ convenience and innovative flavors. This tailored approach helped Nissin effectively penetrate the American market.

A Different Approach to Domestic Marketing in Japan

While digital marketing is crucial for both domestic and international campaigns, the strategies deployed may significantly differ. Japanese domestic consumers, for example, have unique digital behavior, with platforms like LINE and Yahoo! Japan dominating the digital space. However, when marketing overseas, global platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram become more relevant. This underscores the importance of tailoring digital marketing strategies to fit the digital habits of the target market.

Partnering with a marketing agency with proven overseas experience can help companies navigate these complexities, develop tailored marketing strategies, and effectively track and optimize campaigns for higher ROI. If this is an area you are considering, get in touch with us for a free initial consultation to discover how to take your brand to new territories.

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