Best Practices for Digitalization

Manufacturing technology to get smarter – the implementation of AI, robots, 3D printing, and other technologies in manufacturing plants. Easier maintenance as smart machines and internal sensors rise in popularity.

Smart Manufacturing

The increased usage of factory automation in the production lines of SMEs as well as the rapid development of technologies such as A.I., robotics, internet of things to enable Industry 4.0. 

Why some countries are building smart cities from scratch

Increased development of 5G infrastructure, new applications, and utilities as well as the development of megaprojects such as smart cities.

CASE 2.0: A New Framework for The Future of Cars

The development of CASE (“Connected” cars, “Autonomous / Automated” driving, “Shared”, and “Electric”) as well as continued growth in micro-mobility. The global trend in miniaturization getting bigger and more popular.

Supply Chains Inspiring Transformation

A struggle to achieve a more resilient supply chain network during the pandemic – a need to expand the list of suppliers by moving from single sourcing to multi-sourcing and the efforts to find suppliers closer to home or nearshoring supply chains among other solutions.

“Agriculture 4.0,” as a movement to bring big data and IoT to the industry, and to improve supply chains as well as global food safety. 

Sustainability trends in Manufacturing

Going green in manufacturing: New technology to support sustainability and the development of the SDGs. The economic and environmental benefit of recovering and repurposing materials and resources, switching to renewable energy to power factories, tracking every step in the manufacturing process to lessen waste etc

Mental health and employee well-being

Employee health and safety as a priority as global regulations continue to evolve, and manufacturers are forced to build safer environments for all employees.

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