Internationalization & Globalization

Internationalization of Japanese universities to foster internationally active human resources. Through the Top Global University Project and The Ministry of Education in Japan, universities will fund exchanges and increase the number of foreign students.

Online learning and other technologies

Online learning is the most popular trend in 2021/2022 – albeit one born out of necessity in 2020.

The introduction of Edtech: Adaptive learning or AI-powered learning, gamification of learning, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Education and the key to a better future

Project-based learning is a teaching method that actively engages the students in real-life projects, along with experiential learning methods to adapt to the decline of attention spans during the information age.

The Top Global Universities to serve as a bridge to export traditional and contemporary Japanese culture and language to the rest of the world has profound long-term implications, as respect for foreign culture can smooth diplomatic tensions, business opportunities, and tourism.

Post-Covid era

Post Covid-19 safety measures include full in-person resumption of certain classes, maintaining social distance, and alternating between online and in-person formats for other courses. International students who are unable to travel to Japan are allowed to take live online classes.  

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