Design & Construction

Sustainability and green construction

The development of green construction includes both the technology to lower a building’s carbon footprint and the use of resources and building models to reduce the use of resources.

Sustainable and ecological architecture: open spaces overflowing with energy and natural materials in their pure state. 

Smart cities and other technologies

The development of megaprojects to build smart and sustainable cities.  

Increased reliance on construction technology such as construction drones, augmented reality, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

Remote Worksites and Mobile Access to collaborate without physical access to materials, spaces, or even other teammates.

Increase awareness and usage of artificial intelligence and robots at the heart of the home. 

Growing Need for Laborers specifically, more educated workers to manage and interpret the data produced by new technology. 

Material innovation

Need to develop innovative living materials and technology such as self-healing concrete, 3D graphene, Transparent aluminum, Light-generating concrete, and Invisible solar cells. 

Safety at the core

The increased awareness of the importance to update the state regulations and construction site guidelines emphasizing cleanliness and strict safety protections. 

The rise of machines capable to identify common safety standards, and “replacing” certain dangerous human jobs as well as the development of wearable innovations. 

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